Pearhead | All About Baby Chalkboard

Track baby’s highlights every month of their first year with Pearhead’s all about baby chalkboard. This adorable photosharing chalkboard is the perfect addition to your little pearhead’s monthly photos! It includes everything you need to personalize for your baby boy or girl. Customize each month with the included colorful chalk. You can choose from white, green, pink, and blue chalk to write in baby’s name, loves, and more! Have fun filling in how big baby is getting and what their favorite song and bedtime story. Once you’re finished filling the board in with chalk, prop it next to baby, and snap a picture! It’s perfect for sharing your baby's monthly updates with loved ones on your social pages or by simply sending to your family and friends. Once finished with your post, simply erase with water and a clean cloth. It’s completely reusable from month to month! And don’t forget to add this chalkboard to your baby registry. It’s the perfect gift! After baby’s first year has passed you’ll enjoy looking back at all of the pictures and how big baby grew.  We highly recommend cleaning the chalk off the board after each use. Do not use chalk markers with this board as it could stain. Cherish baby’s first year with Pearhead’s all about baby chalkboard. Use the hashtag #mylittlepearhead for a chance to be featured on Pearhead’s social pages. Product dimensions: 18” W x 22” H x .13” D