Style: Kit
We have 19 complete setups included and 5 extra cards to use with household items (think hiding kids shoes, super easy stuff!)
Setups include little toys, crafts, props, activities etc that can be used with any kind of elf.
Because this question is always asked... For multiple kids we personally have our kids take turns on who gets activity each day. I mean it's Christmas time, they are getting lots of stuff anyway right?! But you can choose to purchase more than 1 kit as well. There are 2 things that we make included in the kit (a small gingerbread house & a surfboard) that are both colored/decorated by the kids.
This will take virtually ALL of the work out of the Elf this year!!
The kit includes a list of the activities and how we would set them up though it's really up to you! There is a specific set for the first and last day but the rest can be changed however works best for your family.
*Elf not included.*