Feather Baby | Koala Pima Cotton Romper (18/24mo)

It’s no secret that your cuddly kid acts like a baby koala, clinging to your hip (and sometimes your leg) with a surprisingly strong grip. These soft gray and white koalas perch onto their branches, eager to grab onto their next helping of yummy eucalyptus leaves.

Our best value in a boys romper, the long-sleeved Kangaroo Romper is also a signature Feather Baby piece. (Yes, we were the first!) With a lap-sleeve collar and snaps along the inseam, it’s easy for moms on the go. Let your little one gather acorns and leaves with the ‘kangaroo’ pocket in front. 

Medium-weight interlock knit with 100% Pima cotton.

Handcrafted in Peru.